Home Sweet Home

More than a city, Carrollton is my home.

My home life growing up was anything but a Norman Rockwall picture. However, the life I experienced in Carrollton and Farmers Branch provided me with warmth and love that I needed.

I was very fortunate to be able to attend Mary Immaculate Catholic School and Lexington Academy, both in Farmers Branch Texas.

It was in these schools and churches that I forged relationships that would last me a lifetime. It was these relationships that provided me the strength and guidance to keep me going.

Carrollton became much more than land in North Texas. Carrollton became my Home Sweet Home. I will forever be thankful to the many lives that left their finger print on my journey.

This video is a tiny glimpse into my corner of paradise. I hope you enjoy looking through my eyes.

Special Thanks to my guardian angles that I met in Carrollton, Texas. Debbie and Larry Burns, The Claude and Jeannie Rodriguez Family, Mike and Dottie Gross, Mary Lou and Phil Anderson, Cynthia Lenox, Dr William Bell, De'Nee Kurpiel, Ruth Severens, Luis and Anita Castaneda, Pat Malone, Lynne Hosid, Pastor Scott and Tammy George, Tava Brice, Paula McDonald, Nan Walvoord, Shannon Adair, Barbara Adair, Dr. Larry Lindsay, Vickie Sheer, Jim Adams, Glen Lehman, Liz Cedillo, Mary Helen Cedillo, Dean Graziano, Rita Peterson, Joe Blanco, Jovita Meza, Francis Ruiz, Gina Ruiz, Rita Flores, Raymond Arredondo, Mary Martin, Beth Ann Martin, Jana Yahnke, Tonya Castaneda, Katherine Frank, Wes Bringham, Alvino Huizar, Jamie Glidewell, Debbie Ryan, Cynthia Tooke, Tammy Clowers, Paik Rahiki, and most of all, Roland Castaneda.

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