About Us 

What's in a name


     We call the BEST small quaint town in Texas home. We met in art class in 1972.  An opportunity to form a co-op of ten artists presented itself and we found a little space in historic Downtown Carrollton to display our creations.  There were to be ten artists, therefore the quirky name.  Artists dropped out for various reasons , but the two wacky women just kept going, adapting as we went along.   30 years later, we are in a place we love, although we are no longer painting pictures.  You can still find touches of our creativity in the shop.  Customers have become good friends and we have grown very comfortable in our cozy little spot.  We have worked on events and projects with our neighbors, and the City of Carrollton to make the "square" a special place and we are delighted when someone discovers this little gem for the first time.


     The shop changes constantly, so we are always searching for items of value and quality, trying for the unique "not found everywhere" items and gifts.  Customers always receive a "good morning" and personal attention while meandering among the shop displays.  "I always come here first because I know I will find the right gift at the right price" is a phrase often heard.  We like being known for the special things only a small shop can provide for its customers and the quirky discoveries and creations that find a home here.


     The display of Trapp Private Garden and Swan Creek Candles is brimming with the most sensational fragrances, so the shop always greets you with a pleasant aroma.  Apparel has been a fun addition and we have jewelry in many different price ranges.  We love finding local designers and craftsmen to work with and you will find lots of goodies to give as a gift or just a treat for yourself.  Home accessories and seasonal decorations are all beautifully displayed and you can also find a sprinkling of antiques and collectibles.  The greeting card selection is also popular with our customers.


     There is no charge for our layaway service or the time to visit with us and ideas are free.

Funny Name - Great Place to Shop.


We are located a few miles outside of Dallas, Texas. We are in the heart of the best city in the world, Carrollton. We offer you a small town shopping experience in our town square. 


What you won't find is boring. Our store is forever changing with lots of unique finds. We have fun and there is always the excitement of the surprise of new gifts, ideas and treasures. 


DANGER!  You might become a friend by shopping here!  We love that our customers have been faithfully visiting us for generations. 


We are two ladies who know how to shop and buy for shoppers.  We love what we do and we think you can see it in the smiles on our faces.  We have a wonderful neighborhood of merchants that you will find are just like family, always happy to help you, a rare commodity these days.  


Come visit us.  We have survived for over 30 years by loving what we do,  helping people and being good at what our passion is.  Experience that old fashioned personal attention that our customers love so much.


Lynne and Pat